We take pride in keeping up-to-date with our tools and equipment which helps us do our job faster and better. Here is a partial list of machinery:

  • Spray Bake Booth/Drying Room

  • Envirobase ® Computerized (Green) Paint Refinishing System

  • Chief EZ Liner II + SR21 Unibody and Frame Realignment System

  • Chief Genesis Velocity Laser Unibody Measuring System

  • Pro-Spot I-4 Spot Welder (Duplicates Factor Welds)

  • Pro-Spot Aluminum Weld Station

  • Pro-Spot Smart Mig (Aluminum, Silicon Bronze, Steel)

  • Eurovac II Wet Mix Dust Collector (Aluminum Dust Collection)

  • Dannmar 10-Ton Vehicle Lifts


Here are some examples of the tools we use to get the job done right: